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Analyzing Quantum Entanglement

and 21-centimeter Radiation

The 2013 Encyclopedia Britannica tells us about 21-centimeter radiation in these words: "electromagnetic radiation of radio wavelength emitted by cold, neutral, interstellar hydrogen atoms. The hydrogen atom is composed of a positively charged particle, the proton, and a negatively charged particle, the electron. . . . When the spins of the two particles are antiparallel, then the atom is in its lowest energy state. When the spins are parallel, the atom has a tiny amount of extra energy. In the very cold space between the stars, the interstellar hydrogen atoms are at a state of lowest possible energy." (my coloring)

Here's why we have this tiny amount of extra energy when the spins are parallel (both spinning in the same direction): The electron is then orbiting in its highest orbit around the proton.

Antiparallel is when the proton spins clockwise and the electron spins counter-clockwise in the same spin plane: The closest sides of both are then, moving in the same direction, harmonically IN PHASE giving an added ATTRACTION: This is what pulls the electron into its lowest orbit around the proton.

This is "Quantum Entanglement".

In AC motors, things IN PHASE always ATTRACT and things out of phase always repel. Why is it that this simple phase rule works 100% of the time all throughout this universe whereas field rules only work a fraction of the time?

These phase rules work because Niels Bohr was right and these are spherical particles actually orbiting and spinning in their own space-time realm gauge, which we can't see in our much lower frequency space-time realm gauge.

Let's also consider this to be a standing wave universe, not only in the microcosm but all throughout and what we are seeing as different gauges are really quite different frequency space-time realms with entirely different space-time intervals.

Let's consider Einstein was right in 1954 when he told us the field concept was wrong: This eliminates not only the field concept of gravity but also the field concepts of magnetism and charge.

Quantum theory wins over field theory because a quantum of 700 nanometer red light comes to your eye from a star the same exact strength regardless of the distance of that star: Only the number of bonding pairs (quanta) decreases with the square of the distance. This is what tricked us into believing in field theory.

I've worked with the various field theories all my life and none work 100% of the time. They all have to be bandaged so much that what results, in the end, looks like a mummy of the original theory: Take electron charge for example. Electrons should always repel other electrons according to that field theory. But they DON'T: Electrons ATTRACT other electrons in magnetism and sigma and pi chemical bonding.

To envisage a sigma chemical bond, imagine two opposite spinning electrons spinning in the same spin plane but with their closest sides having teeth like gears and meshing IN PHASE. So we get an attraction here same as when the electron and proton spin together this way. Since we know a quantum of light does not change strength with distance then we also know these sigma type bonds do not change strength with distance either. From this we now see something even the majority of scientists don't yet see: We now know that these bonds can be made with entities in the distant stars just as easily as they can with closer entities. And if this is so then we know that it is this "Quantum Entanglement" bonding with the distant stars that gives us our inertial mass.

Let's consider Ampere was right, all along, and all we really have, in this frequency universe all throughout, are Ampere's Phase Laws. Also see: A Phase Universe

The proton attracts the electron most when the closest sides of both are harmonically in phase with each other: This is when one is spin up and the other spin down (antiparallel).

To produce one quantum of energy at a wavelength of 21 centimeters, the electron's orbit around the proton declines, thereby rapidly precessing the electron's spin axis at the rate of 14.286 billion times a second:

This means the electron is making more and more of these tiny cyclic attractions with the proton and less and less, with entities in the surrounding stars, as it drops in orbit.

When both proton and electron are spinning in the same direction (parallel) the electron is slightly more in phase with the surroundings than (antiparallel) later, after it drops closer to the proton: More of these tiny cyclic attractive SCALAR in phase bindings, with entities throughout the surrounding stars would give a particle a bit more mass wouldn't it? Gyroscopes have this SCALAR, inertial mass, attraction to the fixed stars, don't they?

Therefore all energy, including this 21 meter radiation, is a frequency that is given off when these items lose binding with the surrounding stars (losing mass) and instead, spiral down causing this radiation, ending up binding closer together with themselves:

This, in fact, is why we have the formula E=mc2.

I'm afraid all energy is as simple as that, really; a quantum of energy is ALWAYS given off after an in phase binding with our surroundings changes, via a rapid twisting, radiating descent, to a closer in phase binding.

Incorporating this "Quantum Entanglement" knowledge into quantum theory will help make quantum theory more complete. See: Quantum.Entanglement.

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.


"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth." Albert Einstein

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