LIGO, unfortunately, can't tell us about speeds faster than the speed of light and NASA has shown us that quanta of gravitational force travel at least 20 billion times the speed of light (2x1010c).

The Earth's speed (star realm) could not be added to the speed of light (electron realm) in the Michaelson—Morely Experiment because one cannot add speeds from two different spacetime realms. The binding, discussed in these 21 pages so far, has no speed. It's instantaneous because no out-of-phase spacetime can exist between in-phase bindings. All SECTION energy transfer is instantaneous! We only notice time produced either by an electron or a quark binding to a distant ENTIRE electron or distant ENTIRE quark. Space is .000000000001% lines of Einstein's Cosmological Constant repulsive force between spinning entities and 99.99999999999% holes.

And this is the reason we see repulsive force space, as empty, isn't it?

You will see — as you read my SCALAR paper — WHY we might never be able to detect even one complete Dark Matter particle (WIMP).

It's all there and while I'm alive it's entirely FREE!

However, my copyrights now last 70 years after my death. I'm over 86 now! And I'm sure my heirs won't give everything away free — for 70 years — like I'm able to do and am doing now.

Doctor Joseph Bell at the University of Edinburgh taught his medical students to do it right. He taught his students 'never to accept first impressions.' Bell told all his students to examine everything, especially the little things. He said, "The importance of the infinitely little is incalculable."

I solved this big science/physics problem using Bell's advice, a little math, and many decades of effort: you can see this by reading my earlier papers.




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