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Einstein gave us his Cosmological Constant, a repulsive force against gravity, long ago when the majority believed this was a static universe.

I lived in those days and have seen things change radically since then.

Nevertheless, some sort of Cosmological Constant type repulsive force is there both in the microcosm and macrocosm holding everything vast, vast distances apart.

Even though Einstein gave up on his Unified Field Theory, the hope is still there for some sort of unified approach to all these attractive and repulsive forces in both the microcosm and macrocosm.

We have spin, spin precession and evidence of orbital or orbiting motion in both micro and macro worlds.

And we have this Cosmological Constant type repulsive force, vast distance between everything in both micro and macro worlds.

We should be concentrating our efforts on finding exactly why we have all this spin motion and spin precession and evidence of orbital or orbiting motion in both micro and macro worlds.

We aren't really observing all that spin motion and spin precession and spin and orbiting motion in frequency terms, because we don't really know all these microcosm frequencies.

Nevertheless with these atomic attractions, we're moving more away from calling them sigma and pi bonds to calling them resonance structures now.

This is an improvement because they all are resonance structures.

The term resonant structures may not even be the best way to describe what is actually happening to get an attractive quantum bond of energy.

A French scientist — Andre M. Ampère — seems to have given us the very best description as to what is really going on as far as attractions and repulsions are concerned.

This is something we cannot overlook!

Yet, our entire science establishment has!

You can spend years looking through the entire Britannica or the entire internet, for that matter, and never find the supreme importance of Ampère's Laws.

And here is that supreme importance:

These are the attractive and repulsive laws for all spinning electrons.

But these are also the laws of attraction and repulsion for every spinning item in this entire universe.

So, Ampère's Laws give us the reason for EVERY attractive and repulsive force in this entire universe.

This may be hard to believe, but it's true.

Ampère's Laws give us — a unification of micro & macro universe forces — via a simple model that mathematician Stephen Wolfram said we need to use if we want to understand our complicated universe.

And as Stephen Wolfram also pointed out, you need that true, simple building block model BEFORE you attempt any math.

Here's Ampère's simple building block model:

Ampère showed us that when an electrical current was put through two parallel wires in the same direction (in-phase) then those two wires would attract.

Ampère also showed us if electrical currents went through those parallel wires in opposite directions (out-of-phase) then those two wires would repel.

I can only give you the Phase foundation — of what is really going on — in this short internet paper.

What is really going on is Phase symmetry, and the difference between that and what the establishment believes, is the difference between night and day.

So, read my other papers too: that's important!

If these laws Ampère gave us are seen as Phase symmetry laws then they explain magnetism, AC & DC electric motors, and the entire microscopic particle world including gluons far, far better than Maxwell's field theory ever could. Phase symmetry even explains, believe it or not, Gravity. And it explains precisely how Quantum Entanglement works as well. Phase symmetry, therefore, not only unifies the forces, but finally also shows us exactly what (spacetime) really is.

If you want to see how this entire universe works then rid your mind of forces like GRAVITY, because it is a SUBSET FORCE that can't be used in the microcosm.

Also completely forget about plus and minus charges, magnetism with its north and south poles, and the worst to clutter your mind, is the math and rules of field theory.

To find what builds this universe, you must ELIMINATE all these things that only work in one spacetime realm.

Quark harmonic capture of electrons gives us FREE electrons and captured molecular electrons; this, in turn, gives us a microcosm spacetime realm far different from the macrocosm spacetime realm: this gives the microcosm far more attractive forces than repulsive forces.

Whereas in the macrocosm, attractive and repulsive forces are more balanced.

This is the reason for the failure of Einstein's Unified Field Theory.

So you must especially eliminate field theoryin which the math and rules — give problems even when restricted to only one aspect of one spacetime realm, but don't take my word about it: read Einstein's exact words in blue below, that he gave us in 1954, warning us about field theory.

"I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

All Gauge theorists know you cannot exceed the local gauge parameters with one set of math or rules.

But if you use Phase then you most certainly can. And that is the beauty of using Ampère's Laws.

You jump all the restrictions imposed by today's math and subset rules because, as NASA scientist Dr. Milo Wolff showed us, this is a frequency universe not only in the microcosm but all throughout where Phase works the same way all throughout.

Even without computers, by simply using the concept of Phase symmetry, we can finally see the big picture of what is really going on in our entire universe.

My good friend Milo Wolff, is no longer here. Milo's sites are gone now too. I'm glad to have known Milo Wolff.

Milo saw a few things Einstein didn't: he saw this as a scalar, spinning, standing wave universe all throughout. I have the books he published, and I sent him mine.

Milo knew that all these spinning entities, in both micro and macro worlds were essentially scalar and only gave us binding energy via their spins and orbits or orbitals: he called this his minimum amplitude principle.

He was also adamant that while ordinary standing waves could exist on wires and in circuitry, that only spinning, standing waves could exist in free space.

After working on radio transmitters, and eliminating standing waves a good part of my life, I knew he was right on top of things in that area.

I felt it best to let my First Class Radio License, P1-7-4087, with RADAR endorsement expire, because renewal requires your signature attesting you still are working in that field. I still have my Pilot license and Airplane and Powerplant licenses in America and Panama. Looking at them brings back many memories.

We know that the red, green and blue eye cones in our eyes are precisely tuned in to receive energy quanta, in energy sizes of small to large, of Planck's Constant (h) of the various range of colors from red to violet respectively.

So, if Milo Wolff was right and this is a frequency universe all throughout, then we would only be viewing frequencies in the sound range, radio range, color range and higher (microcosm) as frequencies. Everything much, much lower in frequency than we are tuned to — the macrocosm — we would see as something else.

To me this makes a great deal of sense, because it's exactly what we are seeing.

Things with the slowest spin frequencies like galactic clusters, should appear to us as the longest wavelength or largest, same as in the radio world: for me, that was the clincher!

We have the computers today that can accurately emulate, mathematically, the functioning of Phase symmetry.

What this means — dear readers — is that if we shift our human and computing resources away from today's science beliefs, and completely to Phase symmetry, then we can solve every attractive or repulsive force between EVERYTHING in both the microcosm and macrocosm throughout this entire universe.

The results from this will also show us, right now, exactly why our predecessors so earnestly believed we had things producing universal forces that we called gravity, magnetism, plus and minus charges, north and south poles, centrifugal force and other type forces and force producers.

The majority of scientists still firmly believe these are universal forces and not subset forces, but that will change once astronomers discover that similar size binary stars are all spin up-spin down, with their closest sides in-phase, exactly like the two electrons in every helium atom.

All attractions and repulsions, of EVERYTHING, can be accurately and mathematically explained purely via Phase symmetry.

Let's take a good look at what Ampère showed us almost two hundred years ago: I've had the following paragraph on the internet for about five years.

Copied from Encyclopedia Britannica DVD 2013, "... Ampère immediately set to work developing a mathematical and physical theory to understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Extending Ørsted's experimental work, Ampère showed that two parallel wires carrying electric currents attract or repel each other, depending on whether the currents flow in the same or opposite directions, respectively. ..." (My bold lettering)

If you look up "Ampère's laws" on the internet today you will get electrical laws quite unknown to Ampère. Yes, Ampère was the first to equate the forces associated with these laws you will find on Google, but Ampère did his calculations with long wires; he didn't even know about electrons. There was no such thing as voltage or amperage back then. Current flow (amperage) is named after Ampère.

Half a century ago Scientific American published a good account of Ampère's long wire laws. I remember reading it like it was yesterday. Part of it went like the aforementioned Britannica statement or something like the following:

Ampère discovered that whatever was coming out of his batteries, when put the same direction through two parallel long wires made those wires attract each other.

If this substance (later found to be electrons) was put through these long parallel wires in an opposite direction, in each wire, then these long wires repelled each other.

So basically what Ampère gave us was a simple relative motion law.

But you'd never know that — or even believe that — if you looked up "Ampère's law" in a search engine. Try it. You'll see! And this is the big problem today, getting the right facts, when the Faraday-Maxwell field rules and field math are used to make Ampère's laws so confusing.

They made it so confusing that even the Britannica got it wrong, and evidently because of this confusion, none of the world's science experts noticed Britannica had it wrong for 5 years.

Why complicate something that's so simple?

You must see Ampère's laws as simple "PHASE" laws. If the current through two parallel long wires is moving the same direction or "in-phase" then these wires will attract. If the current through these two parallel long wires is moving in opposite directions or "out-of-phase" then these two wires will repel.

If you see Ampère's laws this way then Ampère gave us the initial concept of Phase symmetry which is exactly what Einstein looked for his entire life. This simple model called Phase symmetry unifies all the invisible forces.

Mathematician Stephen Wolfram said, "Math can explain simple things, but a simple model can explain a complicated universe."

Phase symmetry gives us the "phase" simple model answer to a Theory of Everything: Ampere's Laws - that apply to SSSWRs

What is absolutely astounding is that Phase symmetry not only simplifies but clarifies this entire complicated universe in both the microcosm and the macrocosm. It's utterly amazing!

To learn exactly WHY we have all these things, you will have to learn what it's taken me many years to learn: It's all FREE. Click the links at the end of this.

Even though this firm belief in fields have given us some spectacular insights, such as Einstein's General Relativity, Phase symmetry makes it crystal clear that field theory has also prevented us from seeing the big picture of what is really going on.

If we have done what we have with these half baked rules of science that we have now, just think what we will be able to do once computers are fully programmed for these true science phase laws.

I haven't covered many of the rules of Phase symmetry in this paper. They are far different from anything we are presently using, so you will have to do some more reading to see these new rules.

Links to read all about these different new Phase symmetry rules are on this internet paper.

As more work on it, you'll learn more about Phase symmetry than I've written in all my books and many internet papers.

"Someday we'll understand the whole thing as one single marvelous vision that will seem so overwhelmingly simple and beautiful that we may say to each other, 'Oh, how could we have been so stupid for so long? How could it have been otherwise!' " (John A. Wheeler - theoretical physicist)

How true!

How true!

Phase symmetry ends up with the inverse square rule, the same as field theory, but obtains it a different way with impedance matched, resonant quantum bound pairs and the Milo Wolff limit (Hubble limit for the electron).

The Milo Wolff limit is needed with all these impedance matched, resonant bonding pairs because these bonds do not lose any of their strength with distance:

This is why your eye receives full quantum packets of energy no matter how far a star is in the distance.

This is a fact that even the establishment believes.

It seems to me the French Nation should be proclaiming that one of their scientists has done what Einstein failed to do and has given us the very simple concept — of not only unifying both micro and macro worlds, but also unifying all the invisible forces!

This is the simple concept that Einstein was looking for!

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