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this November 11th 2013 Scientific American article about the

Electron not being a Dipole


Everyone knows the electron is a dipole.

What this article says, however, is that the electron cannot be considered a dipole under the rules of supersymmetry because the electron, now, turns out to be a perfect sphere.

In supersymmetry if the electron is a perfect sphere then it cannot be a dipole.

This is absolutely true so this Scientific American article must be factual.

Therefore the problem must be, states the Scientific American article, in the supersymmetry concept.

I agree with that but then I read a paper my son wrote that showed that a perfectly spherical electron had to be considered a dipole under the rules of this universe having not supersymmetry but phase symmetry where things in phase attracted and things out of phase repelled.

The essence of my son's paper is this:

The top symmetry?

It's not supersymmetry:

It's phase symmetry.

I quote from his paper:

" . . .

I equate science belief today much like religious belief today.

All religions have some of it right: do good and avoid evil. In most of the rest of it, they argue. Today's science is similar in that they have some of it right but in most of the rest, they argue.

For instance, scientists, who believe Einstein was correct, say gravity cannot act faster than 3 x 108 meters per second (three hundred million meters per second [the speed of light]). All astronomers know this cannot be correct because this universe cannot be stable if gravity does not act at least at 9 x 1016 meters per second (c2?) Van Flandern. Newton even wanted it faster than that: he taught that gravity acted instantly.

And this is but the tip of the iceberg of a great many major scientific disagreements.

Scientists argue simply because they don't have the correct model yet of what is really going on in this universe.

A good example of this is the concept that electrons repel each other because they have a negative charge. This is not a good concept because only totally free electrons repel each other. Restricted electrons, causing magnetism and chemical bonding, both attract and repel each other.

So most likely the best model to use, for the finest science explanation, is the phase symmetry model that will be used in this paper.

Therefore it's simpler and probably better to entirely dispense and forget both the magnetic field concept and the electron charge concept . . . and instead concentrate only on this phase concept.

This is a frequency universe with an important super phase symmetry where resonant phase is a good part of the symmetry but not all of the symmetry.

This super phase symmetry model shows you clearly what's really going on.

The phase model of this universe is similar to the quantum scientist's frequency model of things with the added belief that this is a frequency universe in the macrocosm as well, and that Mach's principle is absolutely correct: in other words inertia (inertial mass) depends on the surrounding stars.

The earth turns once in respect to the sun in 24 hours but in respect to the stars in 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.0916 seconds which is termed a sidereal day. Since vibrating elements, pendulums, liquid helium 2 and gyroscopes all exhibit this 23 hour, 56 minute and 4 second rotation rate, we can assume that not only do these things bind with the surrounding stars but that gyroscopic inertia as well as inertial mass are both dependent on fixed star binding, proving Ernst Mach correct: our molecules here are actually binding, in some way, with those molecules in the surrounding stars.

What we need to look at is the relative motion or phase symmetry aspect that Ampere Ampere's Laws showed us: that things moving (or spinning) in phase attract and that things moving (or spinning) out of phase repel.

Explaining things this phase symmetry way gives us a far different and better theory as to how everything works. This super phase symmetry model gives us a more concise view of things than the Standard Model.

Explaining things this phase way furnishes us with a much simpler and better explanation, in all this, than using magnetic fields or charge:

Place two alnico magnets, on a table, with their north poles facing up. If you look down at them and could see the electrons inside them then you would see a vast number of these electrons all lined up spinning clockwise in both magnets. The reason these magnets attract when one is placed on top of the other is that, in both magnets, all these electrons are spinning in phase with each other. This is a polar type of binding where the electrons, in both magnets, attracting each other have their poles lined up on the same spin axis.

Now remove the top magnet and flip it over and put it back on the table with its south pole up. Electrons in both magnets are now spinning in opposite directions but both magnets will still attract when slid sideways together, however, this will be a weaker attraction. Why? Because now these entire electrons are no longer in phase with each other yet the closest sides of the electrons, in the north pole up magnet, are now in phase (like gears meshing) with the closest sides of the south pole up magnet thereby attracting it. This is an equatorial type binding because the electron pairs that are binding both magnets together this way are all spinning in the same equatorial spin planes. But this is a weaker attraction than the previous polar bonding because in the initial instance of polar bonding the entire electrons, in both magnets, were in phase. In this 2nd weaker attraction, only the closest sides of each of these inverted pairs of attracting electrons are in phase (like gears meshing).

Turn one of those magnets over, on the table, and they will repel when slid together sideways and then put one magnet on top of the other with top poles reversed and they will repel at a greater strength simply because now the magnetic electrons, in one magnet, are all spinning completely out of phase with the magnetic causing electrons in the other magnet.

Polar binding and equatorial binding are the only two ways electrons can attract each other. In magnetism the polar bond is the stronger bond but it is the reverse in chemical bonding because just as Nobel laureate Niels Bohr surmised, electrons are actually in motion and in actual orbits. So polar bonds only occur when the poles of one electron occasionally during each orbit line up exactly with the poles of another. The polar chemical bond is therefore a momentary but repetitious bond while the equatorial bond is a long term permanent bond, ending up stronger, as long as both electrons remain spinning in the same spin plane.

Thus, while in magnetism the polar bond is the stronger bond, in chemical bonding the polar bond ends up, because of its momentary repetitious nature, as the weaker bond.

This, to the dismay of those wave purists who see only a wave orbital picture instead of orbits, is solid proof the electron does indeed orbit exactly as Niels Bohr told us over 90 years ago.

A Cooper pair of electrons are two electrons with reversed spins, binding themselves together in an equatorial bond. A sigma chemical bond is also an equatorial bond while a pi chemical bond is a polar bond.

It's a well known fact that there must be sigma bonds before a pi bond can be established. There's a good reason for this: Each electron is an actual gyroscope having gyroscopic torque. The reason that two free electrons can never attract each other is that whenever the poles of each try to attract, the resultant 90 degree gyroscopic torque reaction of each pulls them apart. There is far less of this 90 degree gyroscopic torque reaction after these electrons lose their freedom and become attached to orbits, yet there is still enough of this 90 degree torque reaction left and it diminishes polar binding far more than equatorial binding: thus there must be sigma bonds stabilizing things before a polar type pi chemical bonding can be established.

Therefore all quantum energy exchanges which involve totally separate pairs must be initiated via a spin up-spin down bond because this type of equatorial bond can be more easily established without causing the excessive, disrupting gyro torque caused by an attempted polar binding.

Not only that but quarks too have gyro torque so all quark strong force bonds and distant quark bonds giving us gravity and inertial mass must also be equatorial quark spin up-spin down bonds where only the closest sides of these spinning quarks are in phase.

. . .

All binding energy, including this binding with the surrounding stars, is a similar spin up-spin down in phase (like gears meshing) attraction with impedance matched, resonant spin frequency binding. In other words two inverted entities that spin together with opposite spins as meshing gears will attract each other even at long distances (the Hubble limit for the electron). Dr. Milo Wolff Dr. Milo Wolff discovered this.

This force of attraction does not diminish at all with distance for both the quark binding and electron binding.

Scientists have known for quite a while now that light and heat each come in a discrete packet of energy called an energy quantum; the plural of which is quanta. Einstein named the light energy quantum packet a photon.

Einstein's photon is always emitted and received via the binding of a single pair of spin up-spin down electrons no matter the distance between them as long as that distance does not exceed the Hubble limit. In a binding energy exchange the orbit size decrease by the emitting electron must exactly equal the increased orbit size of the electron absorbing this energy quantum; in other words the orbit of the sender goes down while the orbit of the receiver goes up the same amount.

With light, and other energy transfers, initially it was thought the strength varied as the inverse square of the distance but it does not! It's not the strength but the number of these binding quantum pairs that falls off with the square of the distance. The strength of each quantum pair bond remains the same no matter the distance. This is why a quantum of light from a distant star comes to your eye full strength. Knowing this is extremely important. In fact this full strength quantum of energy delivered lengthy distances is the keystone of quantum theory.

This energy transfer is accomplished via impedance matched resonant frequency binding. This is where the closest sides of a scalar, spinning, standing wave entity are in phase (like the closest sides of gears meshing). These entities must be not only moving and spinning at the same speed but an ultra tiny sliver (a quantum) of both of their closest sides must not only have the same speed but the same velocity (speed and direction) compared to the surroundings.

. . .

Einstein knew and constantly published accounts of the importance of symmetry. CERN was built on a symmetry even greater they thought than Einstein's symmetry: it was a belief in a new supersymmetry that has now click link above been proven wrong. Einstein was right: there is an important top symmetry but it's a phase symmetry. And the scientists at CERN missed it entirely!

Many of today's quantum scientists make another bad mistake by seeing the electron only as a standing wave. Yet a spinning, scalar, standing wave can also behave as a discrete, spinning, spherical particle. Milo Wolff showed us this.

Keep in mind the aforementioned fact that all binding energy, including this binding with the surrounding stars, is impedance matched, resonant frequency binding in which these spinning entities will attract when their closest sides are spinning (like gears meshing) in phase and repel when their closest sides are spinning out of phase.

If you look close enough at all the invisible forces, seeing quarks and electrons as scalar, spinning, standing wave entities, then you will clearly see that in phase attraction and out of phase repulsion, caused by spin frequencies, are the cause of every force in this entire universe.

Not only that but you can also see that things position themselves in geodesics (mostly orbits) where out of phase repulsion balances in phase attraction.

The smaller spinning quarks and electrons must behave exactly like larger planets, solar systems and galaxies as they too spin in their balanced in phase out of phase geodesics.

. . .

The closest sides of two inverted quarks spinning together in phase (like gears meshing) give us inertial mass while an electron in our eye spinning in phase with an inverted electron on a distant star is the beginning of a quantum of light energy delivered to our brain. Out of phase spin frequencies with others in the surrounding stars give us, an average or mean out of phase force or, what we see as space.

Geodesics of most things in this universe are caused by the surrounding stars providing the out of phase repulsion and closer entities providing most of the in phase attraction. In MAGLEV however, both the attraction and repulsion are caused by the closer entities.

A free magnet, in a super cooled, super conducting MAGLEV type environment, will nonetheless levitate and spin in its balanced in phase out of phase geodesic exactly as all spinning entities, in this entire universe, will spin in their balanced in phase out of phase geodesics.

. . . general relativity also becomes much easier to visualize using a quark spin frequency impedance matched, resonant frequency binding concept.

For instance, the fact that an increase in speed creates an increase in mass in general relativity stems from the fact that the translational motion of these higher energy quarks in the accelerated item now higher up on the speed of light asymptote curve must impedance match with similar, higher energy, accelerated quarks in the surrounding stars thus creating this additional inertial mass via E= mc2.

This, in fact, is why we have centrifugal force. The resistance that you feel as you spin something faster is really nothing more than faster moving quarks, in the thing you are spinning, now rebinding with more and more massive quarks in the surrounding stars as you speed up the rotation rate.

Where distant electron binding and repulsion give us the magnetic forces, it's quark to distant quark binding that gives us not only gravity but this inertial force that we refer to as inertial mass.

And one thing more about E= mc2, when quark to quark local binding is switched to surrounding star binding then energy has been turned into mass but when a local quark switches its binding from the surrounding stars to local quark binding then mass has turned into energy.

See how this phase symmetry model shows you exactly how E= mc2 works!

And if you think that's amazing then look at what's next:

This super concept of phase symmetry shows you not only what both space and time are but why you are able to see stars that are far from you in both space and time.

If you have read through this fast then you may have missed where it said. 'Out of phase spin frequencies with others in the surrounding stars give us, an average or mean out of phase force or, what we see as space.'

So more out of phase forces between you and a distant star do not merely distant you from that star in space; they also distant you from it in time (spacetime).

This phase symmetry model now is the only symmetry model, so far, that shows you why you can see that star far from you in time:

Since there is absolutely nothing (no particle) between the electron in your eye and the inverted electron on that star and they both have opposite spins (like gears meshing) then an ultra thin sliver of both are exactly in phase, therefore this tiny sliver portion of both the electron on that star and your eye must be both in the same spacetime. This is the reason that tiny sliver, a quantum, of mass/energy can be transferred through space and time to your eye.

This phase symmetry model, therefore, is the only symmetry model that shows you exactly what both space and time really are!

. . .

I'm afraid this paper adds to the demise of supersymmetry because if Einstein's photon is only a binding operation then there are no such particles as bosons needed. All of them are merely binding operations of different things at different frequencies.

This phase symmetry model shows the reason for the outcome of the Michelson-Morley experiment because light has no velocity. What is being seen as the speed of light is merely the out of phase rate that spacetime is being changed at this particular electron frequency.

Dated this November 15, 2013 "

End of R. M. F. paper.

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