Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and other theoretical physicists looked for a simplification of all these various field theories with their numerous forces.

Well, Here's the simplification!!!

It changes 3 beliefs.
Issued: October 3rd 2018.

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When I was born in 1932 gold was $20 an ounce.

All American banks would give you gold coins,

of that weight, for your dollars too.


Roosevelt was elected president then and in 1933

made gold illegal for Americans to hold and set

the NEW price of American dollars at $32 for an

ounce of gold.


After the Second World War when Eisenhower was

President, gold on the world market was selling

slightly ABOVE this $32 for an ounce of gold.


Eisenhower then beat Hillary Clinton's lies

telling Americans, "If you trust gold instead of

the dollar then you are going to lose."


During Nixon's administration the world market

set gold at $40 an ounce and Nixon, with the approval

of Congress, made it LEGAL for Americans to again

hold gold.


If you believed Eisenhower, back then, you would

have lost a lot of purchasing power because gold is

now close to $1,400 an ounce.


Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

ANSWER Einstein looked for Issued: July 10th 2018.

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