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A bit of light on

why a gyroscope



It really does defy gravity even though the present science establishment seems to want to convince us otherwise.


I remember when my father brought home a small gyroscope in gimbals: the gyro shaft had a hole for a string that could be put through that hole and wrapped around the shaft, and when pulled, spun the gyro at a fast clip.

My father put a book on the top of a table, with the binding edge of the book on the edge of the table.

The reason for the book, I later saw, was that the lobe on the end of the gimbal ring end would fit right into the groove in the book binding, keeping it a bit more secure.

He spun the gyro, with the spinning shaft horizontal, and placed one end of the gimbal assembly, that stuck out about a quarter of an inch, into that book binding groove.

I was amazed: it defied gravity!

It didn't fall. Even though that heavy gyroscope was only held up by a quarter of an inch on its extreme end, the other eight inches or so that contained the heavy spinning wheel part, was totally in the air simply wobbling. It should be falling, but it wasn't!

I had to know exactly why that was happening.

I was in the second grade when my father brought home that gyroscope.

I remember my mother prevailing and getting me into Kindergarten a year earlier than they wanted, so I was six and a half in that second grade. I'm eighty-five and a half now.

Therefore, it must have taken me almost 80 years to figure EXACTLY why that gyro defied gravity and write this paper explaining everything to all my friends on the internet today.

What really drove me to read everything I could about gyros was my flying through cumulus clouds in Miami. At that time I honestly didn't know that this was illegal. The people at Sunny South Airport, where I parked my plane knew, and turned me in to the F.A.A..

I had to go to the Federal Aviation Administration where they made me buy and read rules 43 and 60 that told me exactly how far from clouds I had to stay. I was 17 years old then, in 1950, and living in Miami entirely on my own.

What I did learn, by flying through clouds, was that the instant one emerges from a cloud, the ground was NEVER level, or at least where I thought it should be.


Because in flying, you move your foot pedals and hand control so you feel you are always pressed down straight into your seat (flying by the seat of your pants). In doing this more forces than gravity are pulling at you.

The resultant force from all this is never straight down. Thus you never really know EXACTLY where level is, when flying inside a cloud.

I flew through clouds in calm days, and when I emerged from the clouds the ground was always a good 5 to 20 degrees off level, sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right, for a second or two before my mind readjusted itself again to reality.

And I was only flying short distances through small clouds!

You have to see it to believe it. But it sure made a believer out of me that flying through clouds could eventually kill me.

The rougher the air, the worse your senses make this deviation.

I soon discovered that gyro instruments allowed you to know exactly where level was when flying, so this was when I really devoured everything I could read, about how gyros worked.

I also took Link training — that I had to pay for myself — so I could make use of those valuable gyro instruments.

It took about half a century after that to put all the pieces together and get the big picture solved. I constantly worked at it, and found that it had to be done the way Dr. Joseph Bell of the University of Edinburgh taught us. "The importance of the infinitely little is incalculable". He taught this to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle M.D. who realized its significance in fighting crime and later wrote about 'not overlooking anything' in his "Sherlock Holmes" stories.

I had to solve it this way: there is no math yet for much of Phase Symmetry.

Nothing, that humans invent, works perfectly with the first model built. All my life I was lucky to be one of those who was needed in solving the various science and other problems, that had to be solved, to get these brand new things working successfully.

It didn't take me too long to see that our universities were teaching their graduates more of what was needed in the past than what was going to be needed in the future.

As I've said before, in various papers, Phase Symmetry wasn't put together overnight.

It grew slowly like a baby, because I saw early in life, in the 1940s, that what we were learning about magnetic field theory just wasn't right. I've shown, in various papers what Einstein said about it in 1954 (in blue below).

"I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

I didn't put this together all by myself. The ideas from a great many others are contained herein.

Man is not an island. I saw that early in the game. Still you have to remain more or less an island, in certain ways, or others will criticize you for your heretic science beliefs that you are using to solve more problems then they can.

I got ideas from others who were good at solving science problems. And I read all I could about what was going on in the science world especially about gyros.

I've told all about this in various papers, so I'll dwell no longer on that, other than to say I've been looking for a better answer to everything virtually my entire life.

I remember my father saying, "We haven't even scratched the surface of knowledge in science."

Well, now with this paper I can assure my readers that Phase Symmetry even does a bit more than scratch the surface of science.

And it does far better than present science does.



Phase Symmetry


You can spend years looking through the entire Britannica or the entire internet, for that matter, and never find the supreme importance of Ampère's Laws.

And here is that supreme importance:

These are the attractive and repulsive laws for all spinning electrons.

But these are also the laws of attraction and repulsion for every spinning item — from the smallest to the largest — in this entire universe.


If you don't comprehend — Ampère's two simple Laws — the basis for Phase Symmetry, then you won't understand why all these electric motors in the world are spinning.

And if you don't understand the concept of Phase Symmetry then you are never going to understand how this spinning universe works.

Our very building blocks of quarks and electrons all have spin the same as stars, galaxies and super clusters of galaxies.

ALL this spin in our universe is because of Phase Symmetry, which is also the cause of the spin in ALL electric motors.

Einstein was looking for a simple concept like Phase Symmetry.


ALL our science rules were designed for movement around STATIONARY objects.

There is nothing STATIONARY in our universe: nothing stands still! EVERYTHING IS SPINNING!

Nevertheless, this STATIONARY way of comprehension is the antiquated way the present establishment is still thinking in terms of our universe.

Sorry, this universe is not working the way they are thinking!

So, why not use Ampère's Laws that give us the reason for EVERY attractive and repulsive force in this entire universe.

It may be hard to believe Ampère's Laws tell us this, but it's true.

Ampère's Laws give us — a unification of micro & macro universe forces — via a simple model that mathematician Stephen Wolfram said we need to use if we want to understand our complicated universe.

And as Stephen Wolfram also pointed out, you need that true, simple building block model BEFORE you attempt any math.

Here's Ampère's simple building block model: IT WORKS.

Ampère showed us that when an electrical current was put through two parallel wires in the same direction (in-phase) then those two wires would attract.

Ampère also showed us if electrical currents went through those parallel wires in opposite directions (out-of-phase) then those two wires would repel.

If these laws Ampère gave us are seen as Phase symmetry laws then they explain magnetism, AC & DC electric motors, and the entire microscopic particle world including gluons far, far better than Maxwell's field theory ever could. Phase symmetry even explains, believe it or not, Gravity. And it explains precisely how Quantum Entanglement works as well. Phase symmetry, therefore, not only unifies the forces, but finally also shows us exactly what (spacetime) really is.


Now add

what EARTH RATE tells you.


For years now I've been explaining EARTH RATE in numerous papers.

I'm not going to explain all that again here. Look up Earth Rate and you will see this Earth makes one complete turn, in respect to its surroundings, in 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds — not in 24 hours that it turns in respect to the sun: this makes all the difference in the world between belief in present science, and what I have to say now.


Because all inertial objects such as pendulums, gyroscopes, vibrating elements, and helium-2, all have that same 23 hour 56 minute and 4 second similar rotation.

What this essentially means is that inertia is an IN-PHASE attractive force to our surrounding stars.

Berkeley told us, "Inertia is a connection to the surrounding stars", Foucault proved it. This is Mach's Principle!

There can be no doubt about this whatsoever!

Even without computers, by simply using the concept of Phase symmetry, we can finally see the big picture of what is really going on in our entire universe.

We have the computers today that can accurately emulate, mathematically, the functioning of Phase symmetry.

What this means — dear readers — is that if we shift our human and computing resources away from today's science beliefs that are not quite right, and completely to Phase symmetry, then we can solve every attractive or repulsive force between EVERYTHING in both the microcosm and macrocosm throughout this entire universe.

Surroundings don't matter as much in present science, whereas they contribute to half the forces in Phase symmetry.

Surrounding forces are swept under the rug, along with the quark strong force, that is swept under the rug via Strong Force Containment, which is something else that they have that is not quite right.

That's what I'll cover below in the Gravity and Inertia Chapter.

Now we come to Dark Matter where the establishment is again not quite right.

Light is produced via the spinning electron. Phase symmetry says gravity is produced via the much faster spinning quark, probably the down quark.

Phase symmetry unifies the forces telling us, ALL these spinning entities, in both microcosm and macrocosm, produce ALL the invisible forces we know, IN THE SAME MANNER EXACTLY.

Phase symmetry shows us DARK MATTER will never be seen by us as particles (WIMPs). DARK MATTER is caused by the spins of all the stars, galaxies and galactic super clusters. All these spinning entities cause binding energy at some in-phase spin frequency. None of these spin frequencies are HIGHER than our spin frequency realm. Therefore none of this energy can enter our realm in particle (quantum) form.

Field theory totally blinds you not only to this, but also to the simple fact that to obtain this strongest attractive force in magnetism, every strong resonance structure bond MUST BE two electrons spinning the same way EXACTLY on the same spin axis.

Not only does Phase symmetry demand this, but being a RESONANT bond strongly implies this as well, because if both spins differed by the slightest fraction of not being exactly on the same spin axis then resonance is destroyed.

There is only one size quantum of energy in this stronger of electron to electron bonding forces, providing same strength nuclear bonding is involved, but the weaker spin up - spin down bonds vary in strength, in fact, giving us the various colors that we see.

See my other papers about this. They are all FREE & have been since 1991, a bit even before the internet.

Phase symmetry tells us that every spinning entity from quarks and electrons in the microcosm, to stars, galaxies and superclusters of galaxies in the macrocosm, produce TWO types of forces.

1. the strongest quantum of binding energy is when both spinning entities have similar in-phase spins exactly on the same axis.


2. Spin up - spin down binding that produces weaker, many size quantum binding forces, when both entities are spinning in the same exact plane, or parallel planes, with their closest sides in-phase.

Light uses this type transfer. With ultraviolet light, each quantum of ultraviolet light is binding in the exact same spin plane, with the electron in your eye. And the weaker colors are binding in parallel spin planes with the electron in your eye.


Now we go to gravity and inertia

because the same quarks cause both forces.


This is EXACTLY why a gyro defies gravity.

Gravity was seen by Isaac Newton, and is still seen today as an instantaneous force, far faster than light.

Van Flandern shows us the speed of gravitational attraction is greater than or equal to 2 x 1010c, or to our non-mathematical readers, this means gravity travels at least 20 billion times the speed of light.

But Phase symmetry shows us it is not quite instantaneous.

Phase symmetry shows us that Strong Force Containment is almost right but not quite right.

More than 99% of the quarks are fully contained, but a very small fraction are not, and it is this very small fraction that give us both gravity and inertia.

The reason that the gyroscope defies gravity is that many of the same quarks that were previously used for gravitational attraction are now being attracted — not to the Earth but to quarks in the surroundings — to give us gyroscopic inertia.

Two more things are important.

1. The strength of each quantum of energy does not decrease in energy with distance. Only the NUMBER of quanta decreases inversely proportional to the distance squared.

2. The faster the gyro spins, the faster the matching frequency in the surrounding stars must be to match and bind in-phase with it.

This is the reason centrifugal force increases the faster things spin. Present science doesn't tell us WHY!

Phase symmetry TELLS US WHY!

Centrifugal force increases the faster a gyro spins. Because then quarks, in the spinning entity, are matching and binding in-phase with higher and higher matching frequencies, of quarks in the distant stars.

Higher frequency quantum bonds have more BINDING strength than weaker lower frequency quantum bonds.

Phase symmetry tells us which type quantum bonds the quarks are using to give us gravity and inertia.

These quarks are binding in the same or parallel spin planes, spin up - spin down with their closest sides binding in-phase like your eye electron binds with the electron giving it a quantum of light.

This is extremely important — because this means that the quarks giving gravitational attractions must be spinning either UP or DOWN on an axis parallel to the same axis the gyro is spinning.

This means LESS or NO GRAVITATIONAL ATTRACTION because to get gravitational attraction the edges of the quarks in the spinning gyro must be in-phase EXACTLY with those of the Earth, and that is not possible any longer because now all are either a bit higher in frequency or a bit lower in frequency because of the added rpm of the spinning gyro.

This one needs a bit of thinking to see, but it's correct.

Even though the difference in frequencies of the CLOSEST SIDES of those distant quark edges isn't much, IT'S THERE and that's what makes the difference!

Ladies and gents, you have just read the real reason, EXACTLY why the gyroscope defies gravity.

It's actually being pulled toward the surrounding stars.

Present science says Centrifugal Force is doing it, but doesn't say how.

Phase symmetry shows you EXACTLY how.

DATE: July 7th 2018.

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