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May, 2, 2011 Edition

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Will Osama bin Laden become a Moslem Joan of Arc?

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Osama bin Laden may - in time - become a Joan of Arc to the Moslem majority.

He now already is in the eyes of a great many Moslems but Americans take the very opposite view of Osama. They are glad he is finally gone. But is he? Remember, now he's a martyr - like Joan of Arc - to many Moslems. What's important though is whether he eventually becomes a martyr in the eyes of the Moslem majority.

Beliefs thrive on martyrdom. The Romans gave Christianity many martyrs and this caused Christianity to flourish. Is America now imitating Rome by giving the Moslem religion a great martyr?

Most Americans now know the CIA (Navy seals) killed Osama bin Laden but many Americans don't know that the CIA also trained him to be a terrorist. He was one of our best fighters against the Russians in Afghanistan. The Saudis warned the Americans not to train people like him but the CIA knew better and trained him in the use of all the latest explosives and weapons. This is a fact! He was trained by the American government to be a terrorist.

But let's continue our martyr story:

The English ruled France for about a hundred years via the superiority of their castles and their longbow, both of which they mass produced in France after the English longbow archers - firing up at a 45 degree angle (for maximum range) toward the French - totally eliminated entire French armies during the battles of Crecy & Agincourt. The English with seven thousand well trained longbow archers - each who carried 4 dozen arrows - could fire over a third of a million arrows in a few minutes. The French, ignorant of this, marched toward the English under a deadly hail of rapidly fired English arrows feathered with white feathers. One historian said. "It looked as if it was snowing down upon the French."

This was the longbow's first major engagement against the crossbow. At Crecy possibly as many as 10,000 crossbowmen, in the lead of the French advance, fired their bolts toward the English but their bolts all fell short so the crossbowmen advanced further toward the English but never got a chance for a second shot. They were rendered into - as one account states - "feathered corpses" in just a few minutes of the arrow hail from the English archers who then came into action and whose arrows outranged the bolts being shot from the crossbows. Many of the crossbowmen, who saw what was happening in their forward ranks, retreated. They were killed by the French king who said, "Kill those scoundrels who block our path to the English."

This English army remained in France until the French King's entire force of over 100,000 souls was completely gone. Thereafter England thrived, for a hundred years, on cheap French labor.

But eventually then came Joan of Arc who massed her cannon, in such a way, as to shoot great holes in the English castle walls, through which the French - lead by Joan herself - entered and took those fortifications via siege by storm. She did this again and again.

The English, still in northern France (Normandy), finally killed Joan of Arc. But not before she had shown the French how to defeat the English - which they later did. But the French didn't all come together to do this until Joan had become revered as a martyr for the French cause.

The English lost Ireland by making martyrs of the leaders of the Easter rebellion. All the Irish rose up against England then. This is another martyr fact!

Now to the present day:

Two thirds of American industry would stop dead in its tracks without cheap imported oil. This was not the case in 1950 but today Fortress America's walls depend on foreign oil.

Our dependence upon Saudi Arabia for this oil increases as each year goes by. The Saudis practice their Moslem religion on American soil but this does not work vice versa. No Christian church is even allowed on Saudi Arabian soil. In fact, all Christians entering the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca have been killed so far. But all this is entirely overlooked and in fact hushed up because America absolutely needs Saudi Arabian oil.

But will America lose much of this cheap oil now by creating another martyr? Osama bin Laden has been seen by many Moslems as a freedom fighter and not a terrorist as America saw him. He's not seen as a hero yet by the Moslem majority but, the way things are happening in the mideast, that can still come.

I've been to many Moslem countries including Saudi Arabia and I know that how this killing of Osama is seen by the Moslem majority is the key to stability in Saudi Arabia.

Stability in Saudi Arabia is the key to America continuing to get all its cheap foreign oil.

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr.


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