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Issued: July 10th 2018.

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From Milo to Zeus (Fitz)


Very true.

Time cannot be neglected in the scheme of physics. Since the Wave Structure of Matter underlies all of physics, time must be there too, as you have observed. Below is the text that describes what you say (from Apeiron article - Oct 1997. It will soon be in Wikipedia, the internet encyclopedia.

I am glad you realize the importance of these three, time, distance and frequency(mass or energy). The are the basic units of science and engineering description. Attribute 5. The Dimension of Time requires a cosmological clock. Using reasoning similar to the above but for the dimension of time, we can conclude that those laws which involve the measurement of time, notably velocity, frequency and mass, cannot operate if particles have no reference of time when obeying laws.

That is, the particles must have a way to compare their own time-dependent behavior with other particles. Because all particles obey natural laws, this time reference requires the existence of rhythmic time markers common to all particles. That is, a cosmic clock. Space is nearly homogeneous and is common to all particles. Thus the cosmic clock is the oscillator contained in every charged particle structure where the frequency is a property of space.

Such clocks are alike since space, the medium of the waves, is mostly homogeneous.

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