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FIELD THEORIES HID from us the fact that relative motion (phase) between these spinning entities, in the micro & macro universe, gives us all the attractive and repulsive Fundamental Forces.
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Fitzpatrick's 1966 book showed the relative motion laws of A. Ampčre unified the forces.
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The force between individual spinning electrons is inversely proportional to the 4th power of the distance between them. . This is showing you the microcosm compression of space-time is the square of our space-time and helps to explain why (E=MC2). . This is not telling you the microcosm and macrocosm use different laws. . What this is telling you is that the space-time Explanation that these entities "see" is not the same space-time that you see. . It is an entirely different gauge. . This is more evidence that these "A" Laws are correct and that space-time is being produced at various spin/orbit frequencies.

All these different gauges (quantum theory) have local gauge invariance within each gauge. . This is telling you that each of these different gauges also has an invariance of the space-time interval within each gauge as well. . In other words, there are different amounts of space-time in each different gauge

The different amounts of space-time (different space-time intervals) in these different gauges (reference frames) is responsible for the distortion of information that goes from one gauge to another different gauge.

What changes in the microcosm is the space-time interval. Explanation . Space-time in the microcosm is more compressed than our space-time. . Even so, the microcosm still uses the same "A" Laws as the macrocosm.

The scientists of today understand that the quantum world is a frequency world but they simply do not understand that this entire universe is a frequency universe as well. . We humans are no different from a radio set that is tuned to a certain frequency. . We only see the space-time generated by certain spin/orbit frequencies that we are tuned to.

String theory makes sense in such a frequency universe where these non dimensional strings can be thought of as blitzseits or similar to the individual film frames that make up a movie. . The movie that we are seeing is this universe, which only really exists---in its present form---to us who are tuned to this quark-electron harmonic frequency (the frequency of our movie projector).

My old friend, on the internet, who goes by the name of Susysewnshow brought this article to my attention. . This article states, "Using two HST images, astronomers from Italy and Germany looked for but did not find evidence supporting a prevailing scientific theory that says time, space and gravity are composed of tiny quantum bits."

Yes, they assumed this because they also assumed the gravitational quantum bit was exactly like the light quantum bit but it is definitely NOT.

The gravitational quantum bit is of a much shorter interval of time than the light quantum bit. . Even String Theory is telling us this.

Not only are time, space and gravity composed of quantum bits but magnetism is as well.

This article from the University of Alabama is typical of wrong assumptions because the people writing the article assume gravity, inertia and space-time are NOT of a quantum foundation. . The reason they assume this is that they do NOT know that light quanta are derived from the electron's precession and gravity is derived from the quark spin. . The quark spins faster than the electron precesses and therefore each separate quark quantum like blitzeit of time is far shorter than each electron precession quantum of energy (hf) or blitzeit of time (hf). . A blitzeit being one movie frame or the shortest interval of time possible at that spin/orbit/precession frequency. . Once you know this then you also see why those distant objects are not blurred and this still remains a quantum frequency universe all throughout.

You must understand that there is really only one force in this universe and it is space-time creation with a resulting inertial force. . Inertial mass is being created by quantum linkages at each and every spin/orbit/precession frequency. . We may not see all these forces as inertial in our reference frame but in their own spin/orbit/precession, space-time reference frame they are inertial forces.

This means that we must learn to specify the frequency/type of inertial mass. . Electron mass is derived at a far lower frequency than gravitational mass. . The formula hf = mc2 is only true in regard to light and heat energy. . It is NOT true in regard to gravitational energy.

One cosmic frequency clock, that deBroglie Explanation showed us --- f = mc2/h --- is not the wavelength of the electron per se but instead it is the wavelength of the electron's precession or wobble. . The term h (Planck's constant) can only be used with electron precession waves. . h is only a constant in regard to the electron's spherical standing wave precession and hf is only a quantum of energy or a blitzseit of space-time at the electron's precession frequency.

Consider three quantum cosmic frequency clock movie projectors creating space-time at three different frequencies:
1. The quark projector running the fastest, putting out inertial-gravitational spin quantum still shots at the fastest rate of qf (quark spin frequencies).
2. A slower electron projector putting out magnetic quantum spin frames at a slower rate of ef (electron spin Fine Structure Explanation frequencies).
3. An even slower projector putting out quantum precessional frames that we see as a wide bandwidth at the rate of hf . (the various intrinsic electron precession or wobble frequencies --- which produce our colors).

Another cosmic clock is the scalar wave frequency of the electron that Milo Wolff discovered. . In fact, all angular momentum (spins, orbits and precessions) are merely multiples of the scalar wave cycle that builds up the entity that is spinning , orbiting or precessing. . So all of these can be considered cosmic frequency clocks. . In the microcosm are various cosmic frequency clocks at a higher frequency than us and therefore we see electrons, quarks and such as solid point sized entities.

So there are more cosmic frequency clocks and we must get to know a bit more about clocks qf and ef before we can solve Einstein's quest for a mathematically precise unified field theory.

Once you understand this then you also can easily comprehend the EPR effect Explanation or how light that travels a hundred years of your time from a distant star actually gets to your eye instantly. . The universe all around you is built at the quark spin frequency and this is a higher frequency than the electron spin or orbit frequencies which are themselves both higher frequencies than our quark-electron subharmonic frequency (the frequency the electron precesses in the vicinity of the tri-quark nucleus).

The Mossbauer effect and EPR (quantum entanglement) are both proof that a long length of time for you may be really instantaneous as far as other factors in this universe are concerned. . Einstein provided us with this knowledge.

In other words, all those numerous quark blitzeits of time, as the starlight comes to your eye, are completely over with in the span of a single one of our blitzseits of time at our electron-quark subharmonic frequency.

The Mossbauer effect, EPR and Heisenberg's uncertainty are all proof of multiple cosmic frequency clocks and that our bandspread is somewhat tuned to the abovementioned three cosmic frequency clocks.

"A new form of general relativity, counting frames (f), must replace the special relativity now being used in quantum mechanics because h represents a constant or the real inertial mass precession or wobble of the electron that never changes. . This wobble is much slower than the electron's orbital, much the same as the earth's precession or wobble is 26, 000 times slower than its orbital frequency. Explanation The intrinsic mass of the electron, however, does change to a far more intrinsic mass in those long drops of higher acceleration where it comes closer to the nucleus producing a quantum of violet light with twice the energy than a quantum of lower frequency red light." . . D. P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

You can therefore consider h to be the real inertial precession angular momentum or wobble mass of the electron. . But in our space-time we see hf changing and we see it as a color change because of the variation of the electron's intrinsic mass as the electron gets closer and closer to the nucleus and its space-time changes relative to our space-time. . The above paragraph also shows you that in the quantum world the tensor math of general relativity can be completely replaced by a frequency counter or frame counter. . So this is showing you how general relativity actually works

We simply could not have our concept of space and time along with EPR, the Mossbauer effect and Heisenberg's uncertainty without all these different types of spin/orbit/precession frequencies. . These various microcosm and macrocosm spin/orbit frequencies are the things that give our space-time its 3D perspective. . We are tuned to these and their harmonics. . So it really is only those other frequencies seen by us at our particular electron-quark harmonic frequency---much like a movie.

"Thus the cosmic clock could be an oscillator contained in every charged particle structure as suggested by de Broglie, provided the frequency is a property of space and if its waves communicate with other particles. Such clocks would be alike since space, the medium of the waves, is mostly homogeneous." . . Milo Wolff

So you are really nothing more than an oscillator similar to the oscillator in a superherterodyne radio. . This universe has no real dimension per se.

If you insist on holding to the present science view of the various individual forces then you will be forever in the dark. . But once you accept this Aufbau or "A" Law concept then the unification of the invisible forces becomes crystal clear and so easy to see that no math at all is needed for your mind to easily comprehend it.

There are not 4 fundamental forces but only one invisible force (space-time) being produced at different spin/orbit frequencies. . General relativity portrays these forces correctly in that these forces are really space-time distortions. . The "A" Laws clearly agree with general relativity as they show us that a repelling force is a maximum of space-time production and all attractions are really where a minimum of space-time is being produced.

Present science tells us we are in an accelerating, expanding universe. . If you want to understand why we have gravity then what is now improperly seen as a red shift type expansion should be correctly viewed as these new "A" Laws show it. . Space-time is being constantly created all around us but by a lesser amount between us and the earth thereby attracting us to the earth. . And this is an explanation more in line with what general relativity is telling us.

I'm only a book publisher who knows a bit about the tensor math of general relativity. But, after reading Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything, I saw this "new kind of science" will be needed to obtain controlled nuclear fusion because surroundings must now enter the picture in a far different manner. I also saw the first reasonable explanation for Perlmutter's acceleration. Explanation And I saw that scientists failed to realize the supreme importance of Kurt Gödel's proof. Explanation A good many scientists do not even know that Gödel's proof applies to all the science laws. . You simply cannot see the "entire truth" from here on earth where you are limited to looking out from this single, subset reference frame.

This T.O.E. book showed me that Einstein undoubtedly would have given us a credible unified field hypothesis had he known about the acceleration that Perlmutter's group recently discovered. But Einstein didn't know about this acceleration that Saul Perlmutter's group found. Explanation He only knew about the perceived expansion of the universe.

Fitzpatrick simply tells us what Einstein would have told us had he known all the facts. Fitzpatrick also gives the quantum world the foundation for GLOBAL gauge invariance where only local gauge invariance has existed. Explanation And with magnificent insight, Fitzpatrick extends the quantum wave world to the rest of the universe. . Not only that but he says, "We will finally be able to quantize everything while remaining in one gauge, by using Milo Wolff's frequency scalar wave method together with this new "A" Law concept."

He also says, "Future scientists will demand far more accuracy than this present single reference frame view of science can possibly provide. . They will perfect Milo Wolff's new innovative frequency math method. Explanation They will also perfect this new Aufbau or "A" Law multiple reference frame concept of the universe and thereby completely eliminate Heisenberg's uncertainty. Explanation Read the free T.O.E. e-book to see why. . This WILL provide them super accuracy with future super computers. . This "new kind of science" will also give them a mathematical unification of the forces, Explanation which is not available now."

Fitzpatrick says, "Einstein gave us the "principle of equivalence", Explanation which is essentially the association of acceleration with gravity. . Einstein also initially gave us his "cosmological constant ", Explanation which is a force exactly equal in strength to gravity but the opposite in that it's a repulsive force between all the stars & galaxies and one could say between all the atoms & molecules as well."

"All space resonance spinning entities have only inertial forces and gyro inertia in their own space-time reference frames and their spin subsequently will produce both attractive and repelling vector forces the same as a spinning "locked" electron (magnetism). . It's extremely important that you read the chapter, in the FREE e-books, that shows you when all these spinning entities are free and the same size --- because of the 90 degree torque caused by gyroscopic inertia --- all these vector forces will be opposed by other vector forces, minimised and seen by us as the resulting component scalar repulsive force. . And as Einstein proved, this resultant scalar repulsive force (cosmological constant) between everything in our macrocosm is exactly equal to the total gravitational attractive forces." . . D. P. Fitzpatrick Jr.

All the universities in the world have completely dismissed this old idea of the cosmological constant put forth by Einstein. . As I write this in the year 2002, few scientists accept this force that Einstein once claimed was equal but opposite to gravity in that it was a repulsive force holding all the stars and galaxies apart. . Now this repulsive force is back in the news again. . Saul Perlmutter says Einstein was right all the time and Einstein did NOT make a big blunder by giving us this opposite force of gravity. . Presently a few scientists have even come forth to challenge present science and say Perlmutter is right.

So if Einstein was right and since we know gravity shows up as an accelerating contraction then won't gravity's equal and opposite force---Einstein's cosmological constant---show up as an accelerating expansion?

If Einstein would have known about this new found acceleration then he undoubtedly would have connected the dots and he would have seen the association of acceleration not only with gravity but also with---gravity's equal and opposite---this repulsive force as well. Once that's done and one knows about Murray Gell-Mann's Explanation idea of the quark; Ampere's "A" Laws and Mach's principle Explanation then one is well on the road to solving the unified field problem.


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