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relative motion laws of A. Ampθre unified the forces.
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a bit of light

on all spinning things

in this entire universe.



"I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics." (Albert Einstein 1954)

"Math can only explain simple things but a simple MODEL can explain a complicated universe." (Stephen Wolfram)

Here's Wolfram's best selling book, proving the above statement, in e-book form free: Wolfram's 1,000 page "A New Kind of Science"


It's really

phase causing the spins of

not only armatures in electric motors but

quarks, electrons, planets, stars, galaxies and super clusters.



Essentially what well known mathematician Stephen Wolfram has proven is that if the model you believe in keeps making you see your universe as more and more complicated — dark matter, dark energy — then you are believing in the wrong MODEL because as Wolfram has shown, ". . . a simple MODEL can explain a complicated universe."

Einstein was right: People resist religious change, nevertheless this old field religion must be changed to get the big picture. If you want to see how this universe works then you cannot use field concepts such as charge and gravity when it's crystal clear that phase — that can also be seen as relative motion — is the underlying cause of both charge and gravity. Phase has no constraints whatsoever, whereas charge is limited to the microcosm and gravity to the macrocosm. So to understand this entire universe you must take a quite different view and see what is really going on using this simple MODEL of a frequency and phase universe:

This is the only MODEL that adequately explains the inertial forces and our complicated universe.

Using this simple MODEL you take a quantum leap in science.

In this universe — in both microcosm and macrocosm — items attract and bind with similar spinning items whenever their closest sides are harmonically spinning together in phase. They will repel other objects where their closest sides are not in a harmonic relationship and are spinning out of phase:

This is the simple harmonic phase MODEL that better explains our entire universe in both micro and macro worlds.

We know the microcosm is a frequency world in which we can utilize phase. Yet phase — more easily viewed sometimes as relative motion — is something that can be used in the macrocosm too.

The strongest attraction between two magnets is when the electrons — causing that magnetism — in both magnets are spinning in phase (spinning in the same direction, more or less on the same spin axis): The entire portions of these electrons are therefore all spinning at the highest possible in phase amount. Because all portions of these electrons, in both magnets, are spinning in phase then both magnets will attract each other the strongest amount. This is a known fact! The old field concept of "opposite poles attracting" show none of this. So see the magnetic attraction explained the correct way by purely using this new phase MODEL.

The old field religion doesn't adequately show you why we have mass or why with centrifugal force things are attracted to the surrounding stars (Mach's Principle) or what holds you up as you ride a bicycle but this phase model certainly does.

It's really nothing more than phase in an electric motor, between the armature and the surrounding field windings, that causes the armature to spin.

The armature tries to stay in phase — in harmonic resonant attraction — as much as possible to the rotating surrounding field. This is true in both AC and DC motors. This rotating surrounding field can be effected in DC motors by using brushes. Brushes are not needed to produce a rotating field in AC motors.

Everyone knows the polar magnetic attraction is a stronger attraction than the weaker side to side magnetic attraction you get when the poles are reversed. It's — a harmonic relationship — spinning electrons, binding to each other — with a portion of their closest sides moving the same direction — that are causing this. Field theory’s "opposite poles attract" has nothing to do with what is really going on. Not only does it give a wrong and even opposite picture of what is happening but it only tells you how the stronger poles react. It does not show how the sides will react. This new phase MODEL shows you exactly how — and gives the reason why — both poles and sides react the way they do.

In this new phase MODEL we do as Einstein told us to do. We disregard all the old ancient beliefs of field theory and its components: This means doing away with plus and minus charge and forgetting north and south poles.

We now merely look, at all these round, spinning things, and say sides in phase attract and sides out of phase repel each other. We use this simpler phase MODEL which does completely away with the former complicated field concepts and easily explains everything in this entire universe.

A pi chemical bond should be the strongest chemical bond because in a pi bond both electrons are spinning the same direction on the same spin axis. But since — Niels Bohr proved the microcosm is in motion — these electrons, bonding to electrons in different molecules, only line up pole to pole at intervals while the sigma bonds — that remain in the same equatorial spin plane — are constant bonds: So over any period of time the sigma bond ends up with more attractive force than the pi bond.

All chemists know the polar pi chemical bond cannot be established unless spin up—spin down — closest sides in phase and in the same equatorial spin plane — sigma bonds are already established first.


This is telling you something important: It's telling you that these electrons are always trying to precess away from their strongest polar position of in phase attractive binding. You can only have a pi type polar bonding if these bonding electrons are sufficiently restrained from precessing.

Knowing this we can safely say that all distant quantum type forces must be exchanges of spin up—spin down — closest sides in phase — sigma style bonds. All energy exchanges — from either electrons or quarks — turn out to be nothing more than sigma style bonding exchanges where a portion of the closest sides of each round spinning entity are in phase and remain in the same equatorial spin plane:

Energy — you create as you ride your bicycle — here turns into inertial mass as quarks here — in your bicycle wheels — bond with stronger binding energy to quarks in the surrounding stars. This is why the bicycle wheels hold you up so well on your bicycle. For energy not to be created nor destroyed and for you to actually add more and more mass to each of these distant quantum quark bindings — with the surrounding stars — as you pump harder and harder going faster and faster, all these quantum bindings must be impedance matched. Click: quarkspin or quarkspin.pdf

That same inertial mass now gradually turns into energy — keeping the bicycle rolling — as those quarks in the surrounding stars gradually lose those stronger bondings with quarks in the bicycle's wheels. This is why the bicycle no longer holds you up as you slow down to a stop.

In Faraday's first motor, the wire was rotated by electrons precessing 90 degrees as they approached the central magnet. From this we note the magnet is causing electron gyroscopic precession. This is similar to the surroundings that Ernst Mach claimed is producing all the inertial forces that give us mass, centrifugal force and gyroscopic precession.

We know each and every force the electron produces and none of them are gravitational in nature. But since we can relate each of these electron spin shifts to a force we say electron spin is conserved. Now you will see that all these inertial forces — in the macro world — are being produced via resonant quark spins. From this paper the scientific community will eventually learn that quark spin is also conserved.

Ernst Mach said our surroundings caused all these inertial forces. He was absolutely right and now, we'll shed a bit more light on Mach's principle and see what is really going on:

Quarks, electrons, planets, stars, galaxies and super clusters spin because they are trying to stay as close as possible in phase to their surroundings — the same as a motor armature — yet they are forced to remain a certain distance from their surroundings via a myriad of out of phase repulsive quanta forces that actually give us our space.

We see that the armature, in an electric motor, is held a certain distance from the field windings by a steel motor housing. There is an important attractive in phase out of phase repulsive harmonic relationship between down quarks and electrons that determine the fabric of this steel motor housing giving it a certain strength and size. A similar housing — an invisible one — exists in the macrocosm where there is that same important attractive in phase out of phase repulsive relationship that the spinning planets, stars, and galaxies also have with their surroundings that keep them spinning and attractively linked to their surroundings yet keep them a certain distance from their surroundings as well.

Shades of Ernst Mach indeed!

These geodesic spin-paths, followed by everything in this universe — both in micro and macro worlds — are those spin-paths where attractive in phase and repulsive out of phase forces — with the surroundings — are evenly matched.

All free objects — not only electrons — with the same makeup, size and spin will always repel a similar free object with the same makeup, size and spin. This is why electrons, stars, galaxies — and other things in this universe — repel each other while maintaining a certain distance from each other. This is an out of phase rule that can be used both in the microcosm and macrocosm:

So the 1st. supreme rule is that out of phase forces repel and the mean or average of these out of phase quantum type forces actually build and determine space.

The reason this rule works is that totally free spinning objects can and do precess away from their fellow objects enough that they can never have an in phase link where they become attracted together.

However, this rule only applies to entirely free objects that can precess.

Two entirely free objects — quarks, electrons, stars or galaxies — try to attract each other but as they both move in the direction of the strong pole to pole attraction, gyroscopic precession now makes them precess 90 degrees and away from this attractive force, thereby denying them the same spin and same spin axis where they both would have the strongest attractive binding to each other.


This is the real reason quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies and super clusters repel each other. Yet nothing in field theory tells you this because field theories were all made before anyone realized this.

But all these objects must be entirely free to completely precess away from these positions of attraction: If one spinning object is not entirely free and somewhat restrained from precessing then it most certainly can attract and link up with a perfectly free spinning object (sigma electron to electron chemical binding or two binary stars) using a spin up—spin down bond where a tiny portion of the closest sides of each are in phase.

Binary stars are the only spin up—spin down stars that have a tiny portion of their closest sides in phase.

Of all the other stars none have any portion of their closest sides in phase like binary stars.

Stars, galaxies and free electrons have all fully precessed to the point where their closest sides to their nearest neighbor are completely out of phase and repelling their nearest neighbor.

Only this simple phase MODEL tells you why that is.

This important precession — that eliminates polar attraction — does not happen to those objects, like electrons, that are attracted to down quarks harmonically spinning at the square of the electron spin frequency. These electrons, linked in phase to down quarks, can no longer freely precess and therefore can find in phase bonding links with other electrons, like in sigma and pi chemical bonds. A molecule can build only because an electron can have an attractive in phase harmonic bonding link with a down quark.

Not only that but every quark bound electron can attract any free electron because their closest sides can have an in phase attraction, thus large molecules can be built. In fact each quantum of light comes to your eye from a distant star because of an electron on that distant star that is acting — exactly like a sigma bond — in phase with and moving an opposite spin electron in your eye.

All this shows us that the 2nd. important rule is that all in phase quantum bonding links — both quark and electron — are powerful attractive links that do not vary in strength as the square of the distance: Only the number of these individual bonds varies as the square of the distance. This is why your eye receives each quantum of light full strength from distant stars.

There is a limit to this distance that we can see starlight and this is the Hubble limit.

These higher frequencies of starlight can penetrate further into space than lower frequencies but the problem is they get bent more than the lower frequencies just as violet light gets bent more than the lower frequency red light in a prism.

We know future space telescopes will get us even closer to evidence of the Big Bang but how close will depend on how much space bends these ultra high frequency waves — away from what we see as a straight line — on their way to these future space telescopes.

The down quark spin frequency is the square of the electron spin frequency. One of the proofs that this quark spin causes gravity is that even though we can no longer see into a black hole, we can nevertheless feel the gravitational attractive force from that black hole because the quark spin frequency is so much higher than the electron spin frequency.

Quarks also bind to distant quarks full strength despite distance. The asymptotic freedom of quarks is not freedom at all but those quarks coming to the edge of nuclei are being pulled there by far distant quarks, causing what we see in our macro world as mass, precession, gravity, inertia or centrifugal force: Therefore, the strong force is not contained and — as the scientific community now learns — quark spin is conserved exactly like we know electron spin is conserved.

This makes far more sense with the quark spin force (strong force) now similar, but more powerful, than the spin forces of the electron. The more powerful quark spin produces the weaker force of gravity because there are far fewer available free quarks than available free electrons.

The 3rd. important phase rule is that the more massive objects link in phase with and prevent the less massive from fully precessing. Far distant from stars we see these large dust clouds in space because these particles must all spin and repel themselves via precessing if there is no massive entity in their vicinity.

But this mass that eventually locks on and prevents precessing is why we have not only molecules but star planetary systems and galaxies.

In this phase symmetry model the spin frequency is the important frequency. Phase and precessing are both very important in this new model.

Ampere didn't know about electrons yet he saw if these things flowed the same direction in parallel wires then those wires attracted. This is nothing more than an in phase attraction. Not only that but we know that if electrons are prevented from precessing by being attracted to down quarks — forming a molecule — then the closest sides of these electrons will link — via Ampere's laws — with the closest sides of other electrons when tiny portions — of their closest sides — are going (in phase) in the same direction: This — spin in phase binding — is exactly what we have, causing attraction, in sigma and pi chemical bonding and in magnetism.

In both sigma and pi chemical bonding, and also in magnetism, electrons do attract other electrons: This is the reverse of what they are supposed to do in electron field theory. In electron field theory electrons are always supposed to repel each other: Nothing in that theory tells us that precessing is the important factor in electrons repelling each other.

So, there are no such things as charge or gravity: But there is phase that better explains both.

Einstein recognized in 1954 that all field theories, although extremely useful, were also inherently flawed.

Yes, Maxwell's math works beautifully with field theories. We wouldn't have all these things we have today without Maxwell's math and these various field theories. The big problem comes unifying them which we have to do to find out how this universe really works.

Benjamin Franklin invented the concept of charge hundreds of years ago. The concept of gravity is even older. Even though we know far, far more now than those people did way back then, almost no one has tried to find the correct MODEL to use to see what is really going on. If you will read my other papers then you will find this simple phase MODEL does indeed explain everything in our universe including the reason for the Big Bang and all this Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

This phase symmetry precessing MODEL not only works but unifies macro and micro worlds and shows us Einstein was right in what he said about field theory in 1954 and Wolfram was right about a simple MODEL being able to explain a complicated universe.


Thank you,

Daniel P. Fitzpatrick Jr. April 28 , 2014

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