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the relative motion laws of A. Ampère unified the forces.
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Shedding some light on

both in-phase attractive & out-of-phase repulsive fundamental forces given us by André Ampère

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ABSTRACT: an important fact that Ampère's Law shows us is, that MOTION of a SCALAR spinning entity causes force. The spin frequency motion producing Dark Matter in our spacetime realm are from starsfrom galaxies in the galactic spacetime realms — and from super-clusters in their realms: this force creation in three (3) realms is why Dark Matter is a far, far, stronger force than gravity.

Wolff's SCALAR in-phase, attractive force resonances are the antithesis of out-of-phase, repulsive force spacetime. Knowing this simplifies science and physics immensely.

Dr. Milo Wolff — a NASA physicist who helped get us to the moon — realized that not only the microcosm is a frequency universe but the macrocosm is too, however, we don't quite see it that way. What we do see are Wolff's spinning, SCALAR (non-vector) entities — with major spin frequencies harmonically spaced — all throughout both microcosm and macrocosm such as quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies & super-clusters (of galaxies).

Human life-span is not long enough to see galaxies & super-clusters precess into spherical type SCALAR entities. Yet, with time they do, and all 5 of those above major spin frequencies produce different spacetime intervals for each of their respective spacetime realms.

Wolff saw the big mistake of physics was assuming the electron itself made a vector force. No, Ampère clearly showed us it's the MOTION causing the force. Thus, it's the SPIN or orbital MOTION, of electrons — or of any SCALAR entity — that produces VECTOR forces.

Dr. Milo Wolff gave us his brilliant, mathematical proof that the electron was a SCALAR entity long before the electron was proven to be perfectly round. Milo showed that the electron force was only derived from the spin or orbital motion of the electron, not from the electron itself!

The reason modern physics cannot tell you what causes Dark Matter, is that we have had a majority ruling that the only SCALAR entity spin motion causing force must be restricted to electrons! This restricts knowledge!

Only after this mistake is corrected can you see the cause of Dark Matter and how this universe works! A quantum of binding energy is whatever amount of SCALAR entity spin it takes to bind. Energy quanta appear only in the next lower frequency spacetime realm. This is why no Dark Matter particle (WIMP) will ever be detected: only energy in higher spin frequency spacetime realms from us can give us energy in quantum, or particle like, form.

SPIN motion makes force! Dark Matter attraction is the result of the SPINS of entities in 3 spacetime realms: ours, galactic & supercluster realms, so there are 3 distinct categories of this force, all having measurable speeds far below gravitational speed, i.e., the outer edge rotation speed of a galaxy is also the speed of its force.

Force — in any spacetime realm — moves at the surface speed of the SCALAR entity producing spacetime in that realm. The electron's surface, because of its spin, moves at the speed of light: so the speed of magnetism, light and radio waves is this electron realm speed (c), whereas the gravitational & inertial attractive force — from those few quarks whose strong force is not contained — travels at least (2x1010c), i.e., 20 billion times the speed of light. Van Flandern Newton said gravity acted instantly. It can't!

The outer surface of the electron is moving at the speed of light: the quark's surface at least 20 billion times faster (gravity's speed), but not instantly. Newton was a bit off.

Our spacetime realm is the realm of planets and stars. We can accurately measure their spins and the gyro precession from those spins. Eventually we may be able to pick up Dark Matter vibrations from different stars, but never a complete WIMP or quantum of Dark Matter force.

We can measure the spins of galaxies and super clusters, but NOT all the 90 degree precession — from those spins — to make them appear SCALAR. Galaxies, to us, seem frozen in time and flat, circular objects — not spherical or SCALAR — because we do not have enough time-span to view the full SCALAR effect of these: the effect is there!

Better read those paragraphs above over again carefully because they change modern physics drastically: Ampère proved this for us almost two hundred years ago, but we never saw it, blinded by the field concept and its calculus.

Einstein warned us: Einstein said in 1954, "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

Force (energy) is not based on the field concept, it's based on SPIN MOTION and ORBITAL MOTION of every SCALAR entity: this gives us our fundamental forces.

Mathematicians who see spin/orbital motion causes energy (Ampère's Law) can now be famous scientists.

So, let's look at quarks, electrons, planets and stars as SCALAR (non-vector) entities — all of which have both spin and precession, the way Dr. Milo Wolff saw them.

These are important because once we add precession to them and look at Ampère's Law, then we see the reason, not only for gravity, but also for ALL the fundamental REPULSIVE forces — between every spinning thing — in our ENTIRE micro-macro universe.

Do some thinking! Only a phase law could determine forces between SPIN frequencies. Ampère's Law tells you about electrons (also other spinning things) spinning the same frequency while moving on parallel paths. Things moving, or spinning in-phase attract and things moving, or spinning out-of-phase repel. Ampère explained gravity and also why everything repelled: all of this is explained thoroughly and free in my other pages. It's all PHASE!

We know electrons have spin and precession, so look at ALL totally free, same size, SCALAR, spinning items.

It's all PHASE!

They must always end up repelling themselves. WHY? Because each time they are in-phase attracting, an equal 90 degree out-of-phase repelling precession force in both is moving both of them away from any in-phase attractive position between each other (Einstein's Cosmological Constant).

Thus we get Einstein's SPACE, REPULSION, ORBITING & more SPINS, plus a universe of spins that can't stop. For more forces, i.e., gravity & inertia, see my other papers that are all free.

Einstein and Hawking looked for a simple answer. What could be simpler than this? Einstein missed it by a hair.

Also Faraday, and others later, should have seen that Ampère's Law unified Faraday's electric and magnetic fields, but that would destroy Newton's physics. No French discovery should displace English field theory.

Milo Wolff knew that I worked on radio transmitters and knew all about standing waves, and how they had to be eliminated, as much as possible, to enable communications. He showed me, that while ordinary standing waves can exist on wires — only spinning standing waves can exist in free space.

Wolff saw a quantum of spins and/or orbitals of these microcosm SCALAR electrons, seen from our much lower frequency, lower energy spacetime realm, is the reason for quantum size energy creation. Force via spin motion changes spacetime realms via Ampère's Law. Force is derived from harmonics (atomic energy), i.e., creating free electrons from quark-electron harmonic molecular bonds.

Almost 200 years ago André Ampère gave us the rules, but the majority of physicists since then failed to see the supreme importance of Ampère's Law over English field theory that preceded the French discovery.

You have all these SCALAR (non-directional) entities, that all have SPIN frequencies, in both micro and macro worlds. So if Ampère's relative motion (phase) Law is used with these SPIN frequencies, in both the microcosm and macrocosm, then you have done what Einstein failed to do and you have unified all the forces.

And you have even done more than that: you have shown us the TRUE fundamental forces.

Gravity is, indeed, a complex force: it's built not only from one spin frequency but a vast multitude of fundamental forces at a higher microcosm frequency. There are far, far, far more than 4 fundamental forces because a different fundamental force is between every different SCALAR spin frequency entity in this entire universe.

Ampère's Law shows us electro-magnetism and gravity are a multitude of fundamental forces. As we said, Ampère's Law actually unifies electric and magnetic fields, because IT IS SIMPLER THAN FIELD THEORY!

Statistics from the British Indian Ocean Territory, Russia and China show interest in building a Phase Symmetry mathematical setup for these NEW fundamental forces!

Science has been my life. I believe, I'm the very first person to have given the public the first accurate description of this universe, that we all live in. If mathematicians can build on this NEW framework, then I've been of service to humanity. Time will tell. DPFJr.


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