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A bit of light on

a SIMPLE universe,

predicted by many

theoretical physicists,

that will come to us via

the CLOUD, with the


Ampère, Einstein and

NASA's Dr. Milo Wolff.


No scientists are right all the time, yet certain concepts are right all the time.

I'll show you the best concepts of André Ampère, Albert Einstein, and Dr. Milo Wolff, a NASA scientist who helped get us to the moon.

These concepts are right all the time and they give us a picture of this universe that's better than any 3D Technicolor movie, making the fundamental forces of our entire universe exceptionally simple to understand.

However, the frame-work, these fundamental forces use to give us — either binding energy or mass — is extremely complex, and will require new phase/frequency math tools along with extensive use of cloud computing.

* end of Abstract *

In the 1820s, André M. Ampère took two batteries and connected each to a long wire, with both wires parallel to each other. When the current went the same direction through both wires, the wires attracted. When Ampère reversed one of the batteries and the current went through the wires in opposite directions, then the wires repelled each other.

The unit of electrical current, the Amp, was named after Ampère for this simple discovery — relating the magnetic field directly and SIMPLY to the movement (current) producing it.

This fundamental basic simplicity of Ampère's Law — using no plus or minus charges or north and south poles — is now totally obscured by the more complicated math and rules of the Faraday-Maxwell field theory, coming half a century after Ampère, that must use imaginary plus and minus charges and north and south poles.

What makes Ampère's concept so important is the fact that this law — for spinning electrons — is also the law for the fundamental forces between all these spinning entities we know exist in both our macrocosm and microcosm.

For almost two centuries the science establishment failed to realize that Ampère's Law unified electrostatic and electromagnetic fields.

They also missed the extremely important fact that Ampère's concept is a Fundamental Law.

A full page (page 29) on 1-18-1967 in the New York Times Sunday Book Review Section is about my publication, back in 1966. In that I showed: Ampère's Law was the reality, and it beat thinking in terms of FIELD Theory's — unreliable and imaginary — plus and minus charges and/or north and south poles.1966.html

Here's Ampère's 1825 Law revised: all these spinning entities — moving or spinning — on parallel paths in the same direction (in-phase) ATTRACT. Similar entities — moving or spinning — on parallel paths in opposite directions (out-of-phase) REPEL.

This is a fundamental force law; that's why it's so important: it also shows us why we have Einstein's Cosmological Constant, another extremely important concept.

Einstein has to be given credit for seeing this Cosmological Constant repulsive force density holding all the stars apart in the macrocosm.

Einstein's Cosmological Constant repulsive force density is in the microcosm too. This becomes apparent if we enlarge an electron to the size of a pin-head, then the inner-most electron in a molecule will be as far from the nucleus as the fortieth floor of a tall building is from the street below.

Einstein knew this!

This is why Einstein tried to unify the forces, because he knew then that the same fundamental forces existed between all these spinning items in both micro and macro worlds — or there wouldn't be all this tremendous amount of Einstein's Cosmological Constant repulsive force density in both microcosm and macrocosm.

What Einstein failed to see was that his Cosmological Constant repulsive force density — in the macrocosm — was also giving us our spacetime.

Spacetime is another of Einstein's important concepts.

Our ancestors have given us too many false scientific beliefs that have to be overcome.

One of these is space and the other is time.

Einstein proved to the world — with a lot of help from Hermann Minkowski in math, and Minkowski contacting the right people — that both space and time change with a change in speed or mass, but the spacetime interval remains a constant.

Look up spacetime interval.

In special relativity the spacetime interval is the hypotenuse of a right triangle that never changes, while the other two sides — space and time — do indeed change.

We also know that when we look through the Hubble telescope through space, then we are also looking back through time.

So, scientists today are fairly certain what we have out there is really — one thing — spacetime.

Why do we see it as two things, space and time?

It's because when we see it as pure space then we are completely losing sight of all the spin, and precession over time, all this spin causes.

Our galaxy, to us in our spacetime realm, seems frozen in time: we totally miss all its precessing.

Yet this precessingto make one full precessing cycle, to appear more like a sphere — gives the resonance reason for Wolff's scalar resonance, or what we see as nature's preferred size, in both micro and macro spacetime realms, and this is certainly the reason the iron molecule is the preferred scalar molecular resonance after fission or fusion energy: what scalar resonances have in common is that their in-phase binding to the surroundings equals their internal in-phase binding.

The Earth is a scalar resonanceat this particular scalar resonance frequency humans are tuned to — in which its in-phase binding gravitational force is equal to its in-phase binding (to the surrounding stars) inertial force.

Milo Wolff has shown that, at this scalar resonance frequency — energy in has to equal energy out.

Simplification can start right now with NASA scientist Dr. Milo Wolff's scalar, spinning, standing wave approach to everything we note as spinning in both micro and macro realms of our entire universe.

Milo used the term scalar to indicate these compact, spinning things (standing waves) — keeping the same mass/energy ratio intact — in both the micro and macro worlds.

It's really NASA scientist Dr. Milo Wolff's (Wave Structure of Matter) frequency universe — all throughout micro and macro worlds — in which the forces are produced via the phase between all these spin frequencies.

This frequency aspect of our universe all throughout — that Milo Wolff saw — is not that apparent, so we entirely missed it: this is the reason we missed the supreme importance of phase between all these spin frequencies being the key to what is really going on in this entire universe.

It's a universe of Dr. Milo Wolff's scalar, spinning, standing wave entities all throughout microcosm and macrocosm, whose spins all obey Ampère's simple phase law: scalar entities (solids) are created between attractive force, in-phase concentric binding of spin frequencies — or harmonics thereof.

And then we have the opposite of SCALAR.

SPACETIME (Einstein's Cosmological Constant type repulsive force or space) which is produced between out-of-phase spin frequencies.

This brings us to a major problem that Einstein warned us about in 1954, and to the necessity of using CLOUD computing.

Einstein said in 1954 "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

I've shown now — for many decades — the many reasons field theory fails. I'll show one in this paper; it has to do with the two distinct types of binding we know exist: sigma and pi bonding.

Remember, this is only one reason — out of many (E PLURIBUS UNUM) — that field theory fails.

A polar, in-phase bond — between two similar entities spinning the same direction and same frequency on the same, exact spin axis — can only be one strength.

However, these same entities can be spinning together spin-up and spin-down and bind with different strength, weaker attractions with only their closest sides in-phase: electrons bind this way to give us the various colors of light that we see.

All energy is derived from binding, so how can a single field — exactly the way it's being done today — show the energy derived via this one strong type and various weak types of bindings?

We do get energy quanta from both these types of binding.

Where you want to express one exact frequency, then field theory may work well, but a good portion of the time, as Einstein warned, field theory is simply not accurate!

Those who have read my papers already know, that where gravitational force is one exact frequency, Dark Matter attraction is not.

And if humans want to live longer than the dinosaurs lived, then humans must leave this earth and venture into areas where Dark Matter attraction matters, and where field theory is worthless.

This is only one example of why Einstein was right, about field theory, in 1954.

The exact FRAME-WORK for these fundamental forces will be extremely complicated. Field theory will be almost worthless to us in this effort. We will also need CLOUD computing in figuring this all out.

We are not now even at the beginning of what we have to do.

But at least we are at the beginning of the end of all this field theory based mythology, that the majority today believe is science.

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