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We are going to start right off with standing waves and spacetime realms. If you don't know anything about either of these things then you need to read a bit about them.


We are going to start with the premise that Dr. Milo Wolff was right and all these things such as quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies and galactic clusters are really nothing but scalar, spinning, standing waves.

Each of these produce spacetime realms that are entirely different.

However, in each of these different spacetime realms we have - out-of-phase forces giving us ALL repelling forces and space, (Einstein's Cosmological constant).

Balancing this and equal but opposite to this are an equal amount — not equal NUMBER but equal equivalent energy amount — of in-phase forces giving us ALL the attracting and binding forces in this universe, not only giving us energy, but holding together quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies & galactic clusters.

In other words, those spinning items smaller than us, that we see as frequencies are really behaving exactly the same as those spinning things larger than us that we see as solids!

This may be hard to believe, but it's a FACT, even though our universities have given us entirely different rules to use with all these different spinning entities.

OK, What can we learn from this?

This teaches us several things:

First: The establishment sees gravity as acting instantly. That may or may not be so. What we know is that ALL these gravitational forces that the establishment sees as acting instantly are ALL quark generated forces that our math tells us is traveling at c2 or the velocity of the speed of light squared. But that isn't so if this is really a frequency universe all throughout and if these quark generated forces are being generated via a quark spinning at the tenth harmonic of the electron spin frequency.

Second: we have electron binding and attracting forces traveling much slower than quark forces at the speed of light (c).

Third: We have THREE more forces also attracting stars, galaxies and galactic clusters.


Simple, Stars, galaxies and galactic clusters all spin even slower than the electron, thus they are not only getting the quark to quark gravitational attraction to each other but they are adding an additional spin attraction to each other via the individual spin frequencies of stars, galaxies and galactic clusters.

Einstein warned us about present science in 1954 saying this: "I consider it quite possible that physics cannot be based on the field concept, i.e., on continuous structures. In that case, nothing remains of my entire castle in the air, gravitation theory included, [and of] the rest of modern physics."

So, Einstein warned us about modern science didn't he?

But the universities — the establishment — didn't heed this warning, did they?

You must realize Einstein's "Cosmological Constant" is a BALANCE force, where in-phase attractive forces must equal out-of-phase repulsive forces; thus, the repulsive forces holding quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies and galactic clusters these vast distances apart, absolutely MUST EQUAL the total attractive force holding all these things together.

Well, let's consider that quarks, with the fastest spins we know about, (c2), give us instantaneous gravity.

And, spinning electrons are causing forces acting at the much, much slower speed of light (c).

But wait a minute! Those are spin frequencies of only TWO entities. We have THREE more, don't we?

And, the establishment is looking for all this DARK MATTER isn't it?

Since Dr. Milo Wolff a scientist who was on that celebrated team that got America to the moon claimed that stars, galaxies and galactic clusters are also scalar, spinning, standing waves, like quarks & electrons, then might all that missing DARK MATTER come from the missing spins of stars, galaxies and galactic clusters that this establishment of ours plumb forgot about using in their math calculations?

Be careful:

We all have to be gauge theorists in certain ways while examining our universe. Don't exceed the establishment's local gauge (parameters) with your math or rules.

Current math and rules are only to be believed in one, spin/orbit frequency, spacetime realm.

The only real universal rules are PHASE rules.

And remember this important fact, people would much rather believe what the universities publish than the truth.

If we are equating c2 with the tenth harmonic of the electron's spin frequency then it's plain to see our math has led us astray. Mathematician Stephen Wolfram and Dan Fitzpatrick seem to be the first two people ever to understand "Math can only explain simple things but a 'simple model' can explain a complicated universe".

All binding attractions are IN-PHASE linkages.

All space type repulsions are OUT-OF-PHASE linkages.

Fitzpatrick has given you, not only the 'simple model' big PHASE picture, but also a good simple model of all the IN-PHASE binding ENERGY attractive force linkages in this entire universe.

The total energy of all the IN-PHASE attractive force binding quanta in this universe equals the total energy of this OUT-OF-PHASE, repulsive force, spacetime structure of this universe.

But it is this OUT-OF-PHASE structure that is the structure, containing Dr. Milo Wolff's spinning, standing waves, that still eludes us in perfectly explaining the cause of what we see as space and time.

Even though we now have the big picture, the exact linkage model of these out-of-phase repulsive forces, along with these spinning, standing waves, is somewhat yet an enigma. Exactly why we see this entire spacetime assembly as the individual components of space and time, is a mystery wrapped inside this enigma. All scientists should be working on this mystery/enigma now: few are.

Now, thanks also to Dr. Milo Wolff and Stephen Wolfram, this is the best model of our universe that anyone has so far published.

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