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Issued: October 29th 2018.

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Not waves but resonances


Glad Sue is back. I can continue my argument with Sue about radio - light - heat waves.

Sue and the establishment accepts that these are simply transverse, scalar waves like scalar water waves but these are definitely not.

There is a big difference between these and water waves:

Radio - light - heat waves are not real waves but are resonances that only have the ability to be detected and sometimes even reflected similar to that of scalar water waves.

Unlike water waves, radio - light - heat waves are best detected via impedance matching.

Dr. Milo Wolff has proven that electrons themselves are nothing but scalar, standing waves

A fractional portion of two electrons must perfectly match impedance wise for energy transfer to occur.

The closest sides of a spin up - spin down pair of electrons must momentarily impedance match for energy transfer to take place.

This is not easy. It is difficult.

If it was easier, then you wouldn't be here and if it was more difficult, then you wouldn't be here either.

It is just right to keep the amount of standing waves (mass) in line with the impedance matching (energy transfers).

We do not have the super computers yet to show us all this amount of standing wave to transverse wave balance yet.

But you can see what is going on if you understand Translational Motion.

Translational Motion is involved with things that spin while they move.

Hurricanes and helicopter blades are two good examples.

Rachel Carlson wrote that no wooden ship could withstand the winds in the bad quarter of a severe hurricane. The bad quarter is the quarter in which the winds and the forward motion of the storm are both going in the same direction.

Igor Sikorsky found this out with the first helicopters that he made in Russia. THEY TIPPED OVER WHEN HE TRIED TO MOVE FORWARD. Why? Because if the blade tips are going 300 mph and the copter is going 30mph forward then what is the real blade speed through the air?

The blades on one side will have to be going 330mph and on the other 270mph, tipping the copter over which Sikorsky discovered. Sikorsky then came to America and invented cyclic pitch to change the pitch on the blades as they rotate.

Believe it or not but the exact same thing happens - more or less - to spinning, moving electrons as well and only Ampere's Laws will show it to you correctly in this day and age.





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