Last, but not least, we solve even more of Niels Bohr's Complementarity Problem, because we see how an electron, from the quark's spacetime realm view, might look somewhat like our galaxy.

Precession, with each revolution over a long period of time results in a perfectly round PARTICLE or Dr. Milo Wolff's spinning, SCALAR, standing wave.

Therefore, a tremendously longer period of TIME (RATE-of-CHANGE caused by spin frequencies) must exist between quarks, electrons, stars, galaxies & super-clusters of galaxies for this universe to be stable.

We only know the binding speed of two of these: electrons bind together at the speed of light, and quarks bind together at, or more than, 20 billion times the speed of light (2x1010c). vanFlandern

All of these spinning entities, in our universe seek stability. Perfect stability would be achieved when the binding energy to the surroundings equaled the binding energy inside the spinning entity (PARTICLE) itself.

Future super-computers will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that stability is achieved in these different space/motion ratios (gauges) when a similar balancing entity exists between all these spinning entities from quarks to super clusters, and this SIMILAR or NEAR EQUALITY of matching internal binding energy with BALANCED inertial binding to the surroundings is of supreme importance!

Today, this balancing method, in the SPACE between these different gauges IS THE ONLY THING that IS quantified (throughout our entire universe) without fixing the gauge!

"Gauge invariance" can only mean ONE THING: area that has the SAME space/time (space/motion) RATIO.

Relativity, or relationship, of spin frequencies becomes of supreme importance.

Now between the spacetime realms of the electron and stars we insert another molecular spacetime realm similar to all the others: unfortunately, for modern physics, their building block model has to change to a spinning, orbiting model such as we see in the macrocosm.

This is correct, and as Stephen Wolfram has warned us we need a MODEL for this BEFORE WE DO ANY MATH yet modern physics has established itself as a true religion when it is only a mixture of mathematical rules that seem to work OK in our particular subset space/time gauge. A few of us have now given you the foundation stones for the correct BALANCED spin-orbit MODEL that really works all throughout this universe. Stay on this track.

We wouldn't even be here if this universe was perfectly balanced: fission and fusion energy results from our microcosm seeking better stability via IMPROVED BALANCING by converting both larger and smaller elements into iron or elements closer to iron.

Atomic power stems from a drastic space/time RATIO change: here's the best non-mathematical explanation.

If the term "gauge" refers to a specific space/motion ratio, then the hydrogen bomb is stronger than the old atomic fission bomb because the gauge change to our gauge is more severe: the uranium or heavier element electrons involved are going far slower around the nucleus closer to our gauge than the inner hydrogen electrons.

Now you have some TRUE facts and the WHY for the Big Bang.

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