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Interest in String Theory wanes as interest in WSM grows


Interest in String Theory wanes as interest in Dr. Milo Wolff's WSM (Wave Structure of Matter) grows.

Waves, unlike strings, are not limited to a certain size. And this may turn out to have many advantages.

I have listened to both Dr. Milo Wolff and his opposition who say his concept is nothing but an echo from the past.

Yes, while this may be true the mathematical proof that Milo Wolff gives for both the electron and its spin being scalar standing waves are both brand new.

Standing waves, unlike strings, are things that constantly reproduce themselves.

This is a universe in which we see everything reproducing itself.

Could this really be a Dr. Milo Wolff type standing wave universe?

Standing waves waste energy by constantly reproducing themselves to the detriment of all radio transmitters and their antenna structures. Engineers have to diligently work out ways to eliminate these standing waves so as to increase the power the radio station puts out.

Could this universe be using similar self reproducing standing waves, in a more or less spherical form, as its building blocks?

And how does this scalar concept come into being?

In essence, Dr. Milo Wolff's mathematical proof is telling us that every electron is constantly being produced via the energy from all the electrons in its surroundings out to the Hubble limit. Since these electrons extend outward in all directions then this makes the electron production a scalar phenomenon.

This wave theory, similar to string theory, seems to be on a roll and from all parts of the globe as well.

The possibilities of this new concept are immense.

Everything now must be harmonically tuned into their surroundings. And this indeed is Mach's principle.

I've looked at all this and given it much thought.

I'm going to bet on Dr. Milo Wolff being right.

5/19/2007 Dr. Milo Wolff states what I've been saying for years now that Energy conservation is an exchange mechanism and that spin arises from a phase relationship (wave rotation).

In addition to what Dr. Milo Wolff says, I'm going to go one step further and state that not only the electron but all these spinning entities from quarks to galaxies are nothing but scalar, standing wave entities.

Also I'm going to add that the spins of all these entities are far, far more important than present science denotes and from these spins do we derive all the various invisible forces that we see.

It's also plain to see that the spins of electrons are all harmonically linked to the spins and orbitals of the quarks.

What this is telling me is that for controllable hydrogen fusion it will take far less pressure if you can properly line up the quark and electron spins and the same goes for more efficient fuel cells if the spins of both quarks and electrons in the hydrogen and oxygen atoms can be more accurately lined up.

There is one more thing that is very important:

In the same way that you cannot discern the force of gravity from an acceleration, so also can you not discern that force out there, holding all the stars and galaxies apart, that Einstein called his cosmological constant, from this recently discovered accelerating, expanding universe.

Therefore instead of an accelerating, expanding universe what we really have is a steady state universe along with Einstein's force out there, that is equal and opposite to gravity, holding all the stars and galaxies apart.

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